February 20th, 2018

Social Media Isn't Easy

It can be tough for most business owners to keep up with the ever-changing rules of the different social media platforms.  This is especially true for the biggest social media platform of them all, Facebook. Any time there is a change to the Facebook algorithm there is confusion and anxiety on how these changes will affect your business. Among social media circles, it's known as the "Facebook Freakout".

In January 2018, Facebook via Mark Zuckerberg announced that they were going to focus more on posts from family and friends versus brands and businesses.  They told businesses to expect a drop in organic reach for their posts. See the full post here- January 2018 Facebook Announcement  This announcement led some business owners to question whether Facebook was worth it. 

The 3 Magic Words

I believe that it's not only necessary to be on Facebook but to make sure your page is optimized as well. There are 3 words on Facebook that make me confident in my belief that putting the time and effort into your page is worth it. If you can't find the time or don't know how to do it yourself then hire a company like SkoSocial to help you.

Those words are "Looking for Recommendations"!


Looking for Recommendations 

If you spend any time on Facebook either personally or professionally, I guarantee that you are seeing this in your news feed more and more.  As a business owner, this is something that you CAN'T ignore. 

In these scenarios, someone is sharing that they have a problem and that they are looking for help to solve it. They are asking people that they trust for who is the right person or business to help them solve it. These are customers that are ready to buy. They are at the very bottom of the sale's funnel. They are just where you want them! 

Facebook Likes This

This is exactly the kind of engagement that Facebook wants for its users according to Mark Zuckerberg's post.  Asking for and offering recommendations encourages engagement and provides a tremendous value to us as Facebook users. It saves us time, potentially money and gives us confidence in our decisions.  The fact that they have added a Recommendations tab means that it matters to them. The fact that Facebook has made it easy for users to tag your business (by typing @abusinessname) means that it's Facebook approved.


Facebook Recommendation Tab


Questions For You

So, my question to you is this, what impression does your Facebook Business Page give to these potential customers? 

How would you answer these questions?

  • Does your Facebook Page represent your business in the same way that your website does? 
  • Is it something that you created and put time into or did you just do the bare minimum?
  • Are your values or mission represented on your page?
  • Is it visually interesting?
  • Is it easy to contact you?
  • Is it worthy of the recommendation it was given?

Stand Out From The Crowd

In this example, from a group that I belong to, 38 people have personally recommended 27 different businesses in response to another group member asking for a recommendation. 



Would your business stand out from the competition?

If your answer is no, let's chat. We'd be happy to discuss how we can help make sure your business is well represented to the 2 Billion people on Facebook, especially those in your local community.