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Do you want customers to easily find your business online, understand and appreciate the value that you offer and trust your product or service to solve their problem?

Then you are in the right place.

Your presence online should communicate all of the things that you say to your customers when you are speaking with them, one on one, but at scale. SkoSocial can help you convey your message and make sure it’s consistent across all your online channels.

Most businesses do a good job of managing one or two areas of their online presence. It’s less common to find businesses that do a great job in all three areas. The problem is that by making this mistake you are losing potential customers. At SkoSocial, we look at the whole picture.

Marketing in 2020 and beyond requires an omni-channel approach. It’s no longer good enough to just do one well without the others. How many customers does you slow website cost you? How many sales do you lose from bad reviews? 

With SkoSocial, you can stop wondering and know that you are doing all that you can to stand out online. 

Hi, I’m Cristin Konkel, the owner of SkoSocial. 


I will be your point person if you decide to work with SkoSocial. I started SkoSocial in October of 2017 and it has been an incredible journey.  I have learned so much since then and would love to share my enthusiasm and knowledge with you.  I really enjoy the psychology and creativity that goes into digital marketing but the best part of my job is the amazing clients that I get to work with. If you think you might like to work with me, let’s chat. I hope to hear from you soon. 


We can design a mobile-first, fast loading website that actually converts customers. We will design it to meet your specific requirements and budget.  We will make it user-friendly and Google friendly to help it rank better.

Neither your potential customers, nor Google like websites that are outdated. We can make tweaks and changes to your existing website to make it look more modern and function better. Sometimes, a website is beyond repair and we need to start from scratch.

We have lots of tools and tricks to help your website rank better and drive more traffic to it. Things like your site speed, meta descriptions and SEO can all be improved for better outcomes. 

One of the biggest mistakes that we see with some websites is a lack of call to action. You want your website to do more than just proved information. You want your website to get people to take action. Strategically placed CTAs increase website conversions.

Social Media

Having a strategy and a plan to execute on increase your likelihood of reaching your goals. Knowing what you are trying to achieve with your social media campaigns is critical to your success. We can help clarify, organize and create a social media game plan that sets you up to win.

Creating content requires creativity and time. If you are lacking either, or both, SkoSocial can do it for you. We tailor the content to your audience and use a variety of types of content to keep them informed, entertained and engaged.

Got Content? Consistency is the key to posting on social media. We can work within your budget to come up with a schedule that will help you achieve that consistency.

We’re here for you if you want to be hands off. Let’s chat and come up with a game plan that gives you the time and freedom to focus on more pressing parts of your business.


Actively managing your online reputation is important for all businesses.  90% of shoppers read at least one online review before deciding to visit a business. A couple of negative reviews can ding your reputation.  We can help you with a plan and tools to combat them and improve your reputation online.

Leaving your reputation to chance is a dangerous idea. Reviews and social proof drive purchases. You need to have a plan to collect, manage and promote your reputation. Don’t let a lack of reviews, old reviews or negative reviews impact your bottom line.

Email & Lists

COVID-19 has changed the way that we can communicate with our customers. It highlights the importance of having a list of customers that you can contact via email, text or messaging. We can help you develop and implement a plan to build your list so you  easily communicate with your customers.

Organizing your customer contacts can be challenging for sure. Segmenting your customers to so you can market to them in a more personalized way will increase your conversions so you make more sales. Let us help you capture this low hanging fruit.

Cristin did a great job creating my website, saving me hours of headaches and the frustration of having to do it myself. She also suggested things I would never have thought of and is a great resource when I need web and social media advice. Highly recommend!
Traci Takaki

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